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We are pleased to offer a complete package of services specifically designed to relieve you of the confusing and time-consuming tasks associated with recovering from a property loss.  In utilizing our team of experienced, action-oriented specialists, you are assured of personal attention and effective serving of your claim.
Step One
Protection of Your Damaged Property
We make recommendations at the site for boarding up, protection of property, emergency electrical and plumbing repairs and assist in securing temporary living/business quarters.

Step Two
Full Review of All Appropriate Insurance Policies
We analyze the provisions of each of your policies, together with current statutes and laws, so that everything involving your loss will be considered.  In addition to the major coverages of Building, Contents, Additional Living Expenses, Business Interruption and Loss of Income, we research coverage provisions such as
Depreciation, Demolition, Code Enhancement, Loss of Rent, Landscaping and others.  We then determine the appropriate claims approach suitable to your circumstances.
Step Three
Document Preparations & Proof of Each Claim
Everything lost or damaged in your residence, business or industrial plant is listed with its purchase date and price.  We determine its condition prior to the loss, current replacement cost, and its possible diminished value due to obsolescence.  We also review all items requiring cleaning and/or repairs vs. their replacement costs and direct all rare and antique items to specialists for evaluation.
Analysis of Structural & Surface Damage
Our claim preparation includes a room-by-room listing of all materials (their length, size and surface treatment) with an up-to-date estimate of replacement pricing.  The Alfred Elk specialized software helps determine the degree of damage throughout the building and considers such factors as depreciation, obsolescence, current building codes, the need for specialized crafts and trades, the building's end use and co-insurance.
Documentation of Business Interruption Loss
When business is lost, CPAs and lawyers on the Alfred Elk team determine the impact on your flow of income.  We take into consideration the past history of your business, its future potential, local ordinances and construction delays.
Step Four
Presentation of Your Claim
After all expert and technical research is coordinated, Alfred Elk Public Insurance Adjusters thoroughly document each loss with supporting material and will create a facsimile of your property prior to the loss.  When acceptable, to both Alfred Elk and the policyholder, your claim is personally reviewed with the insurance carrier.

Step Five
The Adjustment & Settlement Process
Alfred Elk or one of his associates will meet with the insurance company representative to adjust the final settlement of your claim.  This is only accepted after your final approval as the policyholder.


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