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Alfred Elk Public Insurance Adjusters

Your world has just been pulled apart...

Your home or business property has been damaged by fire or other peril.  What are the appropriate actions to initiate?  Who should you call?  Where can you turn for help?

The aftermath of a property damage loss calls for fast action, calm and clear thinking and experienced professional guidance.  It is imperative to secure the property at once against further damage by weather or vandalism and to begin the seemingly overwhelming process of rebuilding. 

  The insurance policy and the company that stands behind it will be a critical link in the process of reestablishing your life.  In order to collect your funds, a claim must first be filed that offers an accounting of your loss. This must be completed in a professional manner, understanding and applying the complex requirements of your insurance policy in order to receive a prompt and satisfactory settlement.

lightning While most insureds have a general idea about the provisions of their insurance policy, they have not had to deal with the details until confronted with a loss.  This becomes painfully evident when the insurance company's adjuster arrives on the scene to begin evaluating your claim.
He or she is a professional who represents the insurance company's rights and interests in reaching a settlement.  In order to be certain that your interests are served, it is helpful to rely on the services of a public insurance adjuster.

Alfred Elk Public Insurance Adjuster is here to serve you.
You, too, should have an experienced professional on your side to properly document and present your claim to the insurer.  This is particularly important at a time when you are emotionally upset and trying to cope with the countless problems of resettling your family or restarting your business.  flood
Our education, training and experience, plus daily involvement with the ever-changing insurance industry, qualify us to act effectively on your behalf.  We handle all of the details and help you obtain the most favorable settlement, permitting you to get back on your feet in the shortest period of time.


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